Did you know you could use Liquiproof’s protector spray on clothes?

Did you know you could use Liquiproof’s protector spray on clothes?


An unprecedented amount of waste is created by the throwaway culture that currently permeates society, unwanted clothing, furniture and shoes are piling up. There has to come a time when we sit down and really implement change. It all starts with becoming conscious of your actions and asking yourself what your impact is on the environment. From there, the first step can be made. 

In the UK, about £140 million pounds worth of clothes goes to landfill every year. This is why it is now more important than ever to extend the life of your favourite fashion and footwear items. It is also possible to repurpose them, this is the phenomenon of upcycling. At Liquiproof, our mission is to help you on the way to your waste-free journey. Our range of products can fit your needs on all types of fabrics such as our shoe protector spray.


Experts have said that taking care of your clothes and footwear using fabric protection products dramatically increases the lifespan of them. This means that all of your beloved items don’t have to be thrown out. As it turns out, in the UK, the average lifetime of clothing is about 2.2 years. If you look to extend their lifetime by at least nine months, you can keep yourself looking fresh whilst benefiting the environment. 

Another issue with conventional fabric protector spray products is that many contain nasty chemicals which are hazardous to you. One such example is fluoropolymer which may cause life-threatening respiratory issues when inhaled over a long period of time. At Liquiproof we have counteracted this by ensuring that our ingredients are as natural as possible, this was done by our insanely smart scientists who fused planted-based science with nanotechnology. Making what we have last years whilst still being able to take care of the planet we love.

This is something we want because it means you can give love to what you already have and use them in new and innovative ways. So from today, all you need to do to protect your favourite fashion and footwear items from all stains and spills is to use our premium shoe protector spray and more. 


Here at Liquiproof, we provide for all of your fabric care needs, lengthening the longevity of everything you love most. Our cleaner and freshener can be used on all fabrics. Liquiproof have a range of different products that protect, clean, freshen and condition. What’s even better is that our Liquiproof LABS products are all eco-friendly and non-toxic. It’s important to note that our formulas will not change the look or colour of your items. 

Even though our shoe protector spray may sound like it is only for your shoes, it can actually be used on most of the fabrics in your home. We also have a variety of kits available including our Footwear & Fashion Care Travel Kit and Cleaning Kit 50ml + Travel Bag. Both include a vegetable fibre brush and premium microfibre cloth. Below I will explain the uses of each of our products.


Do you want to protect your footwear and fashion items? Do you have stains and can’t get them out? Well, here we can help you to prevent such things from happening.

Liquiproof Labs Premium Protector 50ml/ 125ml/200ml

Liquiproof’s premium long-lasting spray creates an invisible oleophobic barrier - made from Silicon Dioxide, also known as liquid sand - on fabric.  Which means it acts as a waterproof spray for shoes. The technology-driven formula repels rain, stains and spills, whilst preventing stains from water and alcohol. This is done by bonding with individual fibres on your shoes and fabrics. All you need to do is spray it on and wait until it dries, the barrier makes it easy to clean up future spillages.  This means that it is not your typical shoe protector spray. It can be used on any type of absorbent material, such as leather, denim, canvas, suede and more. With all-natural and eco-friendly ingredients, you can rest assured that it is harmless to you and to the planet.

It is also perfect for keeping the items you love dry, durable and refreshed. Our spray offers up permanent protection so you don’t have to worry about... If you want to make sure that your favourite fashion and footwear items do not get stained, creased or wet then you’ve come to the right place. Proper shoe and fabric care involves a lot more than just cleaning your shoes. The shoe protector spray will prevent damage whilst up-keeping the quality of your fabrics.


Have you been struggling to find something that actually lifts and removes that stain that won’t come out? Our gentle eco-friendly eco-cleaner spray is the perfect solution for you.

Liquiproof LABS Footwear & Fashion Eco-Cleaner 50ml/125ml/200ml

The premium eco-cleaner conditions and cleans, removing those pesky stains and soiling that are usually too stubborn to get out. It will also restore that natural look that you are used to. All you need to do is spray it on your chosen fabric, take a brush or microfibre cloth, and repeatedly swirl where the stain is until it is gone. Be careful not to saturate the fabric. With powerful cleaning enzymes, it works deep and leaves your fabrics smelling fresh. Make sure to also try it out on your bags and clothing. 

You don’t need to worry about its impact on the environment as it’s biodegradable and non-toxic as mentioned before.


Is your leather looking a bit sad and starting to come apart? Do you want to make sure that that doesn’t happen? Nourishing your leather is the first step to maintaining the quality of your favourite clothes and shoes.

Liquiproof Labs Leather Nourisher 50ml/125ml/200ml

This Leather Nourisher does all of what you need to take care of all types of leather apart from suede. By using beeswax, the formula is able to provide water resistance and a protective coat. This coat conditions, restoring suppleness in dried out leather and preventing cracking. You don’t have to use it on just your shoes as it also conditions your clothes and accessories. 

If you want to treat your suede, check out our premium shoe protector spray. Our nourisher is eco-friendly and naturally made. 

If you follow these recommendations, you can rest assured that you will enjoy your favourite fashion and footwear items for years to come.


  • Apply our shoe protector spray fashion care products
  • Clean, freshen, condition and protect so your beloved items don’t end up in landfill
  • Add a layer to the soles of your shoes 
  • Correctly put your shoes on 
  • Store your items neatly
  • Take part in the circular economy
  • Follow washing instructions 
  • Get the most out of your clothes detergent 

If you’d like to see how our premium shoe protector spray works, click here.

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