How To Apply

Please click the relevant image of the material to link through to the specific application methods to ensure the best protective effect from Liquiproof:

Liquiproof Leather Protection Spray for clothing and shoes Leather

Liquiproof waterproofing for clothing and accessories Clothing & Accessories

waterproofing for shoes Footwear



Please note – the application method is very important. Not following the instructions correctly may cause irregular protection or visible patches. We are always here to help, so please contact us. 

Liquiproof Tutorial Videos

Cotton Womens Coat

Rihanna x Puma Suede Creepers

Clarks Suede Desert Boots

Asics x Ronnie Feig


Important Guidance & Aftercare

  • We cannot guarantee that our coating will work to its best ability if the surface has already been previously treated with other products, so we recommend applying Liquiproof to new items. Using cleaning or treatment products such as polish on top of our coating will reduce effectiveness.

  • Liquiproof will not fill air gaps and therefore liquids will still pass through mesh/netting/knit.

  • If any residue or soiling agents fail to bead up and roll off, simply wash off with clean water immediately. If it still remains, rub with a clean absorbent cloth. Follow care guidelines of the garment.

  • Remove all coating residue from non-absorbent materials such as buckles, rubber soles or patent leather before they dry.