How to Use Liquiproof LABS Eco-Cleaner

Our brand mission is to help prolong the life of your items and our planet with eco-friendly, natural solutions. By using the shoe cleaner spray you're investing in the long-term health of your items. The formula uses a 100% natural solution with a high concentration of cleaning enzymes that work deep into the fabric fibres, tackling even the most stubborn dirt particles. Our eco-shoe cleaner is safe to use on all absorbent fabrics and textiles.

 How to use the eco shoe cleaner on footwear:

How to use the eco shoe cleaner on other items: 


Choose the appropriate cleaner size. Our cleaner for shoes comes in three sizes and two triggers:

Atomiser - 50ml & 125ml

The atomiser on the 50ml and 125ml bottles of the shoe cleaner is made to be directly sprayed onto the items. For a deep clean, unscrew the atomiser and dilute the shoe cleaning solution with warm water.  

Foamer - 250ml

The 250ml shoe cleaner comes with a foamer pump. The aerator cap draws in the solution to create a well-balanced mixture of product and air. This innovative design transforms the liquid into a luxurious foam without the need for chemicals or aerosol gas that can be directly pumped onto delicate items that should not be wetted. 


Shake the bottle well and mix the concentrated fluid with water. For spot cleaning, spray the sneaker cleaner directly onto the item. 


With the help of a brush, clean deeply into the fabric fibres. Make sure you choose the correct cleaning brush for the right material you are cleaning. We have two different brushes that offer different levels of stiffness in their bristles, providing varying levels of cleaning power and suitability for different materials:

Soft Bristle Brush 

Our Hog Hair Brush is designed with gentle bristles that are softer and more flexible. This brush is ideal for delicate materials or surfaces that require a softer touch. It is suitable for cleaning items like suede, nubuck, or other sensitive fabrics that can be easily damaged by harsh bristles. The soft bristles help remove dirt and debris without causing any harm to the material.

Hard Bristle Brush

Our Vegetable Fibre Brush features stiffer and firmer bristles. This brush is designed for tougher materials or surfaces that can withstand more aggressive cleaning. It is suitable for materials like canvas, mesh, or other durable fabrics that can handle stronger scrubbing. The hard bristles provide extra cleaning power to tackle stubborn dirt or stains effectively. 


Lastly, remove excess liquid with a microfibre cloth and allow each item to fully air dry.