How to Apply Liquiproof LABS Premium Freshener

The formula of our Liquiproof LABS Freshener utilises a 100% natural solution with a high concentration of probiotics that work deep into the fabric fibres. These probiotics actively draw the bad bacteria to the surface and eliminate them for good, ensuring long-lasting freshness. The shoe freshener is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe to use around children and pets.

How to use Premium Freshener:

freshener spraying inside a new balance shoe


Shake the bottle well.


Direct the atomiser to the area you wish to refresh. Spray directly onto the item from a safe distance of 10-15cm. 


Leave to fully air dry.

In addition to its eco-friendly qualities, our Premium Freshener offers additional benefits: 

Odour Elimination:

Our shoe deodoriser not only masks odours but actively eliminates them at their core. It tackles unpleasant smells, leaving your items smelling fresh and clean.

Versatile Application:

The atomizer design allows for easy and precise application. Simply shake the bottle well, then direct the atomiser to the area you wish to refresh. Spray the shoe freshener directly onto the item from a safe distance of 10-15cm.

Suitable for Various Items:

Our she freshener is suitable for use on a wide range of items, including shoes, clothing, bags, and more. It can effectively freshen up various fabric types, ensuring they stay free from unwanted odours.

Air Drying:

After application, allow the item to fully air dry. This ensures that the shoe freshener can work its magic and effectively eliminate bacteria and odours.