Liquiproof LABS Footwear & Fashion Eco-Cleaner 125ml


The Liquiproof LABS Footwear & Fashion Eco-Cleaner conditions and cleans, removing stains and soiling from all types of fabric and textiles.

The 100% natural cleaning solution contains a strong concentration of cleaning enzymes that are designed specifically for use on fabrics – you won’t find these in your supermarket cleaners! The enzymes work deep into the fibres of the fabric, attacking deep set dirt particles and drawing them to the surface. Plus, their dual action approach means they also condition each fibre as they go, leaving the fabric stain free and restoring its natural look and fee

If you’ve ever wondered ‘how to clean suede’, ‘what is the best cleaner for leather’ or ‘how to keep trainers white’, then we have the answer. Our cleaner is biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-toxic which makes it tough on stains but safe to use on your most precious fabrics from suede to nubuck, leather to silk and everything in between. It’s your go-to trainer cleaner, general footwear cleaner, bag cleaner or clothing cleaner. 

Available in 50ml / 125ml / 200ml

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