Dragons Den

Series 13, Episode 11. Sunday 3rd January. BBC2

Liquiproof's founder, Caner Veli, successfully secured investment from Touker Suleyman after an impressive demonstration.

"I am very pleased with the result of the pitch. I can't wait to work with Touker to help grow the business and introduce this amazing technology to thousands, if not millions of people.
Since the show I am proud to have been featured in local newspapers such as the Kent & Sussex Courier and The Times of Tunbridge Wells.
Honestly I'm grateful for all the support Liquiproof and myself have had and I promise to continue to innovate and create solutions to problems. We have a busy few years ahead of us!"
Caner and the team also recently featured on the follow up series "Pitches To Riches" on BBC2 on New Years Eve 2016.
Pitches to Riches Dragons Den follow up with Liquiproof, Cnaer Veli and Richard Osman
Caner's simple but significant tips to success: 
Get up early
Stay focussed
Watch less TV
Read more books
Avoid time wasters
Invest in your health
Take calculated risks
Write down your goals
Work smarter, not harder
Do something you believe in
Foster meaningful relationships
- Caner, Founder

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