Can your Liquiproof Protector be used on cotton and linen clothing? I’m looking for something that is non-toxic.

Yes! All our products are non-toxic, they do not contain any chemicals, alcohol, or nasties. Our protector can be used on all absorbent, colour-fast materials.

Can the brush that comes in your cleaning kits be used on suede?

Our cleaning kits contain our vegetable fibre brush. It is a multi-purpose, hard bristle brush that can be used for cleaning as well as applying our premium protector. As it is a firm bristle brush, you risk scratching suede and flattening the nap, so for suede and nubuck we recommend using a soft, gentle brush or a microfibre cloth. Our premium hog hair brush is perfect for use on suede and other delicate materials.

What is the best product you sell for leather shoes?

You can use our entire range of Liquiproof LABS product on leather shoes. Our premium protector needs to be absorbed into the leather for it to be able to do its magic, so for treated leathers such as oiled, waxed and patent leathers, we recommend using our leather nourisher. Our leather nourisher contains beeswax and can be used to clean and condition leather items such as shoes, boots, sneakers and fashion accessories like bags, purses, and wallets. It can be applied with either a soft brush or a microfibre cloth.

If I just used your footwear & fashion eco-cleaner on a pair of suede boots, how long should I wait before I use the protector?

Now you’ve got them all cleaned up, all you have to do is wait for them to completely dry. To make sure your boots are fully dry, we’d recommend you wait 24 hours after cleaning before applying our premium protector.

Does your premium protector work on velvet?

You’ll be glad to know our premium protector works on all absorbent materials, from delicate fabrics like velvet, satin, and silk to linen.

I wondered about using your premium protector on my canvas bag?

Using our premium protector will work on canvas and though it will be more effective, the material itself is still porous, like mesh and knit. Our footwear & fashion eco-cleaner, sneaker & apparel wipes and freshener can all be used on canvas as normal.

I’m looking to use your products on children’s clothes, will they be safe?

Absolutely! Our products are all non-toxic, eco-friendly, sustainable and completely safe for your kids as well as your pets. No chemicals, alcohol or any other nasties!

Would the premium protector and sneaker & apparel eco-wipes be suitable for a white coat?

Certainly, our premium protector and our sneaker & apparel eco-wipes will be suitable for your white coat. Please always check the care label of your garment. As some dyes are non-permanent, we would advise to check the items care label and/or test a discreet area first before full application of any of our product.

If I use protector on my coat, can I still put it into the washing machine?

Good news! You can most definitely put your protected coat into the washing machine. The higher the temperature you wash the garment at and the more times its washed, the quicker our Premium Protector will start to wear off. Other factors, like how soon you washed the garment after protecting it could also impact how long the protection would last too. Please always follow the garments care label instructions.

Does the premium protector spray contain any alcohol or hairspray?

You’ll be pleased to know that our premium protector does not contain any alcohol or hairspray. In fact, our premium protector doesn’t contain any chemicals or nasties in the formula at all!

I have a pair of knit trainers, can you tell me if the premium protector will help keep them clean?

Our premium protector would prove effective in helping to protect your trainers from the build-up of dirt and grime. A pair of knit trainers which have been protected with our premium protector will be fair easier to clean than an unprotected pair. When it comes to water resistance, the level of protection you can achieve will be somewhat limited due to the nature of the knit, as it’s not possible to protect the natural gaps in between the material.

I have heard that some protector sprays can turn the white rubber material of sneakers yellow, does this happen with yours?

You’ll be happy to know that our water-based protector will not change the look and feel of your sneakers. Whilst our protector will not cause your sneakers to yellow, materials which have been bleached or whitened to achieve the “bright white” look will tend to yellow over time which is caused by exposure to the sun’s UV rays. The yellowing effect particularly affects rubber so to prevent yellowing, store your trainers and shoes in a box in a dark place.