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Can you imagine an easy to clean fabric that repels liquids? 
With Liquiproof you don't have to imagine and with 
1200+ 5 star reviews, we are doing something right!

Everyday, clothing, furniture and footwear that we love is exposed to the risk of dirt and stains. The greatest hazard is from the accidental spills that often occur when we eat and drink. 

That classic nightmare of spilling red wine onto your new jacket... night (and jacket) ruined! But, imagine if the wine was unable to soak-in and simply beads up and rolls off, thanks to Liquiproof Fabric Protection.

By protecting your apparel and furnishings with Liquiproof, you can enjoy the carefree lifestyle of knowing that your favourite things are protected.

What are the benefits of Liquiproof?

  1. Water and oil resistant 
  2. Harmless, flourine free water-based formula
  3. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-flammable
  4. Safe, non-aerosol bottle
  5. Suitable for all types of fabric – synthetic and natural
  6. Invisible to the naked eye
  7. Long-lasting and durable – withstands up to 25 hand washes
  8. Maintains 100% breathability
  9. Odourless – can be applied indoors
  10. Easy and simple application 
  11. Cures in just 24 hours 

Handbag protection


 waterproof clothing spraywater resistant spray for clothing and hats

Effective uses

Jackets and coats
Suits and ties
Children’s clothing, bibs and toys
Hats and gloves
Uniforms, overalls and aprons
Backpacks, handbags and purses
Wedding dresses and tuxedo

What's different about Liquiproof?

Unlike other waterproofing and stain-resistant sprays on the market, Liquiproof Fabric Protection is completely eco-friendly, non-hazardous and non-toxic. It doesn’t contain any carcinogenic substances and is fluorine free, making it safe to use on skin and around children and animals.

Liquiproof is odourless and completely invisible. Once treated the overall look, breathability and feel of the material is not compromised, but simply enhanced. 

The SiO2 particles in our unique formula are held together in a non-harmful suspension and our spray bottles are non-aerosol. We take the planet and your safety very seriously and are very proud of our eco-friendly treatment.

Protecting you, your clothes, and your planet.

    Liquiproof offers you the freedom to choose what you want to protect, and we have carried out rigorous testing on many fabrics to ensure the unique formula is fit for purpose and meets our strict requirements. Check out our videos here to see for yourself. Our aim is to exceed the highest standards of durability, longevity and resistance to soiling and stains whilst maintaining comfort and style.

    While our range currently covers footwear and furnishing protection, we are currently working with manufacturers and experts within the aftercare industry to offer self-cleaning, stain-proof and water repellent garments for future release.

    Tired of your leather goods irreversibly staining, creasing and damaging with everyday use?

    Then say hello to Liquiproof Leather Protector.

    Joining our Footwear and Fabric sprays, Liquiproof Leather Protector uses advanced nanotechnology to protect leather goods against daily damage without affecting the look or feel of the material. Safe to use on all types of leather, our new formula gives you peace of mind to enjoy a carefree lifestyle and knowing that your belongings will be protected.

    Alongside this, our formula is an eco-friendly non-aerosol alternative that’s really easy to apply, odourless, totally invisible and super long lasting.

    Below shows the difference after 30 days of constant wear.Liquiproof Leather


    • Water and oil resistant 
    • Increases resistance against scuffs and creasing
    • Suitable for all types of leather
    • Long lasting – hand washable up to 25 times
    • Eco-friendly and non-aerosol
    • Odourlessand invisible
    • Easy and simple application


    • Shoes, boots & sneakers
    • Handbags, purses & wallets
    • Brief Cases, luggage & holdalls
    • Jackets, clothing, hats & gloves
    • Upholstery
    • Automotive leather
    • Motorcycle gear
    • Saddlery & equestrian leather