Sustainable Streetwear Focus – Noah

Sustainable Streetwear Focus – Noah

Focusing again on sustainable brands that inspire us, we wanted to discuss the brand Noah NYC. Founded by former Supreme creative director, Brendan Babenzian in 2015, this ethical and environmentally conscious streetwear brand is on a mission to change some of the harmful practices we see in the fashion industry.

The brand uses clothing to express its viewpoints and doesn’t set its main goal as driving the business forward. Instead, they are a transparent brand that makes its clothing in countries and factories where tradition, expertise and human dignity take precedence over the bottom line.

Brendan Babenzian quoted in an interview with Hypebeast that he once told his team, “We’ll be as big as we can be until we have to make decisions that we don’t like. That’s it for us. If we want to grow, we’ll find another way to grow but we’re not going to make a decision we don’t believe in.”

The brand gives a lot of their earnings to charity and works on projects such as ‘Save the Great South Bay’ which saw them donate 100% of their proceeds to a charity formed to stop an environmental disaster in Great South Bay. They also regularly create t-shirts made from waste yarns from other cotton productions, that are still high-quality.

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