Our Favourite Sustainable Brands

Our Favourite Sustainable Brands
At Liquiproof LABS, we are all about sustainability, and constantly want to find more ways to be mindful and eco-friendly.
It’s no secret that the fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. It’s thought that the fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined.
We support brands that like us, create products that care for our planet. We wanted to list a few of our favourites, so here they are!
Founded in Melbourne, Baserange is selling the concept of thoughtful minimalism. They use only sustainable materials, and their designers envision each garment as a connection between the body and the natural world.
Veja is a sneaker brand that doesn’t need a huge introduction! Appealing to a wide audience, from streetwear lovers to luxury consumers, Veja sells almost two million pairs of trainers every year.
They use a mixture of wild Amazonian rubber for the shoe’s base and organic cotton for the inner lining. This innovative solution allows you to dress sustainably head-to-toe.
CHNGE is an up and coming brand that is already starting to make a lot of noise. Their streetwear clothing is minimal and made with 100% organic cotton. This allows them to use zero harsh chemicals or pesticides while also saving over 500 gallons of water for every shirt they produce!
All of the items that Satta produce are created to invite ritual and simplicity into our daily lives.
Satta’s founder and designer, Joe Lauder was originally a landscaper and woodworker which inspires his holistic approach to design. The brand focuses on small-scale production using only natural and sustainable materials.
Did you know? The full Liquiproof LABS range is eco-friendly, non-toxic and sustainable. Each product is created to look after all of your fashion items, not just trainers.


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