Our favourite fresh streetwear brands

Our favourite fresh streetwear brands

At Liquiproof LABS, we are constantly on the lookout for new streetwear and sneaker brands that inspire us. This new craze of fashion will get people queueing for hours so that they can get their hands on the latest streetwear and sneaker styles.

We are constantly being updating on the newest drops and coolest styles, a tribe that everyone now wants to be included in.

In this blog, we will be listing some of our favourite fresh sneaker and streetwear brands.


Founded in Munich, Acronym is known for its versatile designs. They are an innovative brand that focuses on fusing style and technology to create functional apparel.

By using little to no marketing, their projects speak for themselves. They have even caught the attention of Nike, when they commissioned the brand's founder to oversee the reintroduction of its ACG (All Conditions Gear) line, by redefining sport utility garments.

Homme + Femme

Homme + Femme = Man and Woman in French.

This brand takes a large amount of inspiration from nostalgic moments in hip hop, sport and cultural events from the early 1990s until the present, noting changes in the world within this time to create unique clothing drops.

Based in LA, they have a goal to elevate and diversify the silhouettes that appeal within the global street fashion community.

Good News

Good News is an up and coming brand that is on a mission to create shoes, whilst also promoting a healthy planet. Their sneakers are made from recycled rubber soles, organic cotton and recycled eco-lite footbeds.

Their slogan is “Choose well, buy less and make it last.”  


All of the items that ROMBAUT create have sustainability at their core. They regularly drop limited edition items for the new conscious generation.

Using luxurious plant-based materials, recycled fibres and high-grade artificial leather, they create sneakers that are bold and unique.