How Liquiproof LABS Can Be Used Throughout the Home

How Liquiproof LABS Can Be Used Throughout the Home

At Liquiproof LABS, we are well aware that we are mostly known for footwear and fashion care, but did you know that you could also use our products around the home?

Homes are for living in, but that can leave behind stains, dirt and liquid spills, especially with big families and pets! That’s why we have written you out a little list of some of the best ways you can use our range throughout the home.

Our Eco-Cleaner

Stains and spills already happened? Not to worry! Our Eco-Cleaner conditions and cleans, removing stains and soiling from ALL types of fabrics and textiles - that includes your sofa, rug, bedsheets and more…

The Eco-Cleaner is a 100% natural cleaning solution that is eco-friendly and non-toxic. The dual-action approach of the formula means that it will condition each fibre as you clean, leaving the fabric stain-free, whilst restoring its natural look and feel.

Our Premium Protector

To stop spills from ever happening, we suggest using our Premium Protector. Once sprayed on any absorbent fabric, the long-lasting spray creates an invisible barrier on the fabric which repels liquids, dirt, and spills – it’s perfect for protecting from those food and drink accidents in the home.

The super-powerful formula is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly and will not change the look, feel or smell of your items. Perfect for protecting your favourite furniture.

Our Premium Freshener

Want a spray that removes odours without just covering them? Our Freshener is a fast-acting deodoriser which works deep into fibres of the fabric to draw out bad bacteria and eliminate it for good! Similar to our other products, the spray has a natural approach to science, meaning that it does not include any harsh chemicals. The formula is eco and non-toxic, as well as 100% biodegradable and safe to use around pets – so if you’re smelly pet has a habit of sitting all over the furniture, our Freshener could be just what you need! 

Why not try it out for yourself and let us know how you find it on our social channels.