Designer Focus of the Week – Aries Arise

Designer Focus of the Week – Aries Arise

Gender-neutral, non-conformist and born from a love of subcultures, cult brand Aries Arise has been the streetwear brand forging its way onto everyone’s lips since its birth in 2011.

A joint venture between Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell, who were both teenagers in the ‘80s, the brand has become a contemporary blend of countless subcultures and symbolism – the key ingredients to any successful streetwear brand.

The pair alone are a force to be reckoned with – Sofia was the brains behind Silas, and Fergus designed the legendary PALACE skateboards logo – the two met while working at Slam City Skates.

But what makes this brand so special? Apart from beautiful attention to detail, Aries hits the sweet spot between high fashion and streetwear, encompassing underground design elements with high-quality materials made to last. Pair that with a focus on less-wastage, which has become a huge problem in the industry (particularly brushed under the rug in the world of streetwear) and it’s a recipe for success.

For the spring season, you’ll see a mix of the bright and bold, deconstructed styles, and of course, their signature Temple tees come out in full force.