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Keeping you fresh throughout the game!

From running shoes to football boots! This collection provides a cleaner, disinfectant and protection to keep fabric and leather good as new whilst remaining 100% breathable. The collection includes protection spray for both fabric and leather protecting it from water marks, stains, scuff and creasing – keeping you care free in training.


  • 50ml Fabric Protector - coats suede, nubuck, sheepskin and all other absorbent fabrics meaning you can wear your best shoes come rain or shine.
  • 50ml Leather Protector – penetrates full grain leather protecting shoes from stains, scuffs and creasing.
  • 50ml Disinfectant - prevents odour, viruses and bacteria spoiling your kit, keeping you fresh.
  • 50ml Premium Eco Cleaner – gently lifts stubborn stains from fabric, leather and any other surface without the use of harmful toxins.
  • White Microfibre Cloth – is great for use with the Eco Cleaner to remove marks and to buff clean.
  • Premium Hog Hair Brush – excellent brush for maintaining your kit.

Benefits of the Fabric Protector

  • Water, oil and stain resistant keeping garments looking newer for longer.
  • Non-toxic, harmless, non-flammable, PFC & PFOA free water based formula.
  • Suitable for synthetic and natural fabrics.
  • Invisible coating and completely undetectable on any fabric.
  • Long lasting and durable, withstanding up to 25 hand washes.
  • Maintains breathability.
  • Odourless and can be applied indoors.
  • Simple spray on application.
  • Eco-friendly, non-aerosol applicator.
  • UV resistant reduces the effects of fading.

Benefits of the Leather Protector

  • Resistance against scuffs and creasing through continuous use.
  • Suitable for all types of full grain leather (not patent leather).
  • Lasts the lifetime of the shoe.
  • Odourless and can be applied indoors.
  • Simple spray application.
  • Non-aerosol, eco-friendly applicator.
  • UV resistant, reduces the effect of fading.

Benefits of the Eco Cleaner

  • Suitable for fabric, leather and shoe soles.
  • Diluted mixture or concentrate can be applied.
  • Eco-friendly, harmless, plant based formula. 

Benefits of the Disinfectant

  • Fights bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Stops unpleasant foot odours.
  • Minimises common foot infections.
  • Suitable for use inside all footwear socks and hats.

Application of Disinfectant

Step 1. For the best results ensure the material is as clean as possible. We recommend using on new items or first cleaning old items with the Premium Eco Cleaner.

Step 2. Hold the spray bottle upright and spray evenly until the surface feels damp. Circa 4-5 sprays depending on the material and size. We recommend allowing to dry for up to 4 hours however the garment can be worn/used immediately.*

Step 3. Apply every 2 days for the first 28 days, or after the material has been washed. This regular application creates an antimicrobial environment which lasts up to 10 weeks.

Step 4. Monitor the condition of garment. If necessary, repeat step 2 depending on exposure to infection.

 *Avoid contact with broken skin. Product may cause sensitivity due to it's composition.
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and open/broken skin. In the case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse with clean water and consult a doctor. If swallowed seek medical advice. Do not freeze. Product is flammable - keep away from fire.

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ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, polycondensate, aromas, quaternary
ammonium compound and pyridine-2-thioH-oxided, sodium salt.

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