Liquiproof Care Service Voucher


This voucher is your ticket to cleaner better looking items!

Shortly after purchasing this voucher (usually 1 working day) you'll receive the shipping container and prepaid postage labels for you to safely and securely send your items to the Liquiproof Care Service Team.

How the Liquiproof Care Service works

1) Purchase this voucher and sit back. You'll shortly receive your shipping container to send us your items.
2) Once you receive your box, select your services on the list included for as many items as you wish. Pack your items in the box and drop off at your local Post Office or drop-off point (contact us for full locations)
3) Once your items reach us, you'll receive an email with a link to pay for the agreed service(s)
4) Once paid, our trained technicians service your item(s) in the turnaround time requested.
5) Your item(s) are returned back to you or to the local drop-off point in a new and improved condition 👍🏼

*by choosing this service you allow Liquiproof Ltd and it's affiliated companies to create content from the items you send into our service department

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