Clean, Protect & Refresh Kit

The ultimate in footwear and fashion care! Everything you need to protect and care for your shoes, jackets, bags and other fashion items.

Protect your favourite fashion and footwear items from rain, stains and spills with the Liquiproof LABS Premium Protector.  The invisible barrier effectively repels liquids, mud and dirt whilst preventing alcohol, oil & water stains. 

Then take care of those stains and spills with our Premium Eco-Cleaner - specially designed to clean and condition, removing stains and soiling from all types of fabric.

Finally, keep your items smelling fresh with our Freshener, a fast-acting deodoriser which rapidly eliminates bad odours from all types of fabrics.

All products in this kit are non-toxic and eco-friendly and suitable for use on all non-treated fabrics including suede, leather, nubuck, canvas, silk, and cotton. 


Liquiproof Premium Protector 125ml
Premium Eco Cleaner 125ml
Premium Freshener 50ml
Premium Vegetable Fibre Brush
Premium Microfibre Cloth

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