Ride dry with Liquiproof

Men in underground car park wearing clothes protected with Liquiproof

Grime. Dirt. Water. Sweat. 

Not words you want to hear when it comes to hanging out in your fave garms. 

That's where Liquiproof comes in. Our revolutionary protection spray for fabric will keep your clothes, shoes and sneakers clean, dry and stain free.  

You have to see Liquiproof in action to believe it, but these awesome shots featured in the latest edition of Bab Mag are the next best thing. 

Man sitting on ground with Liquiproof bottle

Beige trousers protected with Liquiproof next to the bottle

Man cycling through water protected by Liquiproof

Spray Liquiproof Protector onto your favourite pair of sneakers, slacks or anything else you want to keep pristine. The Liquiproof formula creates an invisible coating that bonds to each individual fibre of the fabric, which creates invisible, long lasting protection no matter what you throw at it – seriously. 

The best part is Liquiproof won't change the appearance of the clothes or shoes you're protecting. Even bright pastels will stay colour popping! 

Man splashed by water on bike while protected by Liquiproof

So whether you find yourself hanging out in a grimey underground car park like these guys... 

Men riding bike in car park protected by Liquiproof

...or cycling through the rain and mud...

 Shoes on pedal of bike protected by Liquiproof

...your wardrobe can stay looking like this (or pretty close)! 

Dressing rail of neat clothes with Liquiproof bottle

Liquiproof Protector sprays are available for fabric (including nubuck and suede) or for leather, £10 for 50ml bottle and £40 for a 250ml bottle. 

Thanks to Mangata Clothing for featuring in this shoot. 

Photography courtesy of Alex Fleming. Check out more of Alex's work.