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Market leading sneaker protection in just

24 hours...

Liquiproof Protection spray couldn't be easier to use and it's the most economical way of protecting your sneakers to ensure the overall look and feel of your footwear is unaffected. It’s the most efficient and impressive footwear spray on the market with very simple yet fundamental features that won’t disappoint you.

Once used correctly as detailed in our 'How To' guides, we guarantee you’ll have peace of mind when stepping into your favourite pair of trainers because Liquiproof offers unbeatable protection against everyday hazards.


We get asked all the time why Liquiproof is different from other footwear protection sprays you can find in the shops. 

liquiproof review benefits and difference between other protectors

We say simply…It works. Just look at our videos to see the results.

Liquiproof is longer lasting than all other sprays currently on the market, and it’s eco-friendly making it non-toxic and free from fluorine.