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We’d like to introduce the Liquiproof Home & Garden range, where constant cleaning and maintenance of your furniture, stonework and home surfaces will be a thing of the past.


Liquiproof uses the innovative qualities of nanotechnology to form an invisible barrier, which is water-resistant and oil-repellent. The individual fibres of the surface are bonded with silicone dioxide particles which form the protective coating, meaning your home and garden surfaces are fully protected from oil and water.


In the same way that your footwear and clothing is constantly exposed to everyday hazards, so are your furniture and surfaces around the home.

We’ve all had that moment when you look around and wonder why the cleaning you did the day before seems like it was a waste of time, and it’s bound to happen again. Dirt, grime, water, accidental spills and stains are common everyday issues that affect the quality of your home and possessions. But what if you could simply remove dirt and grime from your kitchen worktop with one wipe? Or what if you could keep your wooden garden furniture outside all year round without worrying about wood rot or colour change? Water rings on your wooden furniture would be a thing of the past, and coloured candle wax wouldn’t stain. Not to mention those annoying and difficult to clean watermarks on your shower cubicle glass. Less of your time will be spent cleaning, and more time can be spent enjoying the rooms of your house you’ve invested in.




Using Liquiproof is cost effective, significantly reduces the need for cleaning and will make the upkeep of your stonework and patios so much easier. Liquiproof also lasts much longer than all known competition, and it’s an eco-friendly alternative that’s non-toxic, food- safe and fluorine free. This is a great benefit if you’ve got children, or if you’re using it on surfaces where you prepare food. Peace of mind about the products people are using in their homes is becoming more and more important, and we’ve worked hard to ensure Liquiproof doesn’t cause any doubt about its safety and effectiveness. Leaving a positive environmental impact is essential to us, and if you gain a sense of wellbeing through the use of Liquiproof in your home, we will have achieved what we set out to achieve with this range. That doesn’t even factor in the savings you’ll make on cleaning costs through not using chemicals. We’ve all got a cupboard full of various bottles and sprays; all of which don’t quite do what we’re hoping they will. With Liquiproof there won’t be any disappointment.

So to make your life easier, we’ve created a range of Liquiproof Protection that will become the staple product in your home. You’ll begin to wonder what you ever did without it!

Effective Home & Garden Uses

Carpets & Rugs

Upholstery & Cushions

Curtains & Drapes

Tablecloths & Placemats

Mattress & Bedspreads

Picnic Blankets


Pet Beds


      We’ve tested a majority of everyday liquids on Liquiproof treated surfaces to trial its resistance, including water, oil, ketchup, chocolate, red wine and many more. Just watch our videos to see the results for yourself.
      To find out how to apply Liquiproof to your surfaces, pay a visit to our dedicated How To pages.

      Please contact us today for a free consultation from our team of certified Liquiproof technicians: +44 (0)203 006 2260 | info@liquiproof.co.uk

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