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Imagine easy clean vehicles...

We have worked hard to develop a complete vehicle protection pack for every type of motor vehicle for a safer, more comfortable driving experience. Our super durable, high gloss exterior coating has been specifically developed to help vehicles stay cleaner for longer. Dirt, tar, and bird excrement are easily removed as they can’t penetrate the invisible protective barrier. Upgrade with improved visibility and reduction in frost build up on exterior glass. Convertible roofs stay mould free and hydrophobic. Interiors can be made stain-proof, reducing the risk of damage from accidental spills and stains on all materials.


Why you should Liquiproof

  • Save money – reduce the amount you spend on cleaning chemicals required to currently keep your car in top condition. Reduced outlay on repairing stained interiors. Reduce the frequent visits to the car wash. Save money over what the vehicle manufacturers charge to protect your paintwork and interior.
  • Save Time – at least half the time it takes to wash your vehicle. Reduce the time spent driving too and from car washes.
  • Save the environment – the need for harmful chemicals required to keep your car looking good is reduced by 100%. Reduction in the amount of water used in vehicle upkeep. Massive reduction in packaging and waste with the move away from traditional cleaning products and methods.

  • Superhydrophobic water beading effect
  • Reduces frost build up
  • 9H - reduces scratches
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lasts up to 24 months
  • UV Resistant
  • Exterior Paintwork, Chrome & Metal

    Our exterior paintwork coating creates an ultra durable, high gloss, easy to clean 9H barrier. Easy to apply and will last up to 24 months. Bird excrement can be removed easier without leaving damage.

    Plastic Trim

    These easy to use wipes will provide added protection to your plastic and acrylic vehicle surfaces.

    Windshield, Glass and Mirrors

    Improved visibility due to the completely invisible, non-light refracting superhydrophobic beading effect causing the water to roll off the surface. Frost build up is significantly reduced.

    Convertible Soft-top Cabriolet Roof

    Our innovative fabric protection offers hydrophobic effect on all textile roofs keeping it looking better for longer. Reduction in mould is also a huge benefit because of the reduction of water.


    In the same way our protectors work on your footwear, clothing and furniture it will keep your interior looking and smelling better for longer.


    We aren't ones for shying away from changing and improving how we all do things. Our award winning bio cleaner reduces the need for harmful and damaging cleaners to be washed down the drain to cause havoc to the environment. Simply mix with water and it will effectively clean everything.



    Fleet & Trade

    Our award winning products can help save thousands and improve resale value on your vehicles. Please email for further information.