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by Admin Liquiproof February 02, 2017

Cleaning facts

    Now with that in mind, we thought we would try and reduce some of those figures for you with an exciting bit of news...  

    Behold our very own Liquiproof Collections Range – our Kitchen, Bathroom, Premium, Sports and Shoe & Accessories Care Collections are individually tailored to bring you the ultimate in cleaning and protection for your home, footwear and life in general.

    Model spraying Liquiproof on shoes

    As Caner, our founder says;

    "The philosophy behind them is simple: we’re saving you time, money and effort to spend on the things you love."

    You’re welcome.

    They’re slick, shiny and packed full of life changing products (yes, really!). 

    In fact, here’s our top 3 ‘Liquiproof Collection Mind Blowers’:

    1. Each kit contains our brand new Premium Eco Cleaner which can literally stand in for every cleaning product you own. And the best part? It’s all natural. Yes, ALL natural.

    2. The hard surface and glass and ceramic wipes in our Kitchen and Bathroom Collections contain special formulations of our award winning formula, protecting against water damage, limescale, scratch marks, germs and more. The effects can last up to 2 years, just from one pack of wipes.

    3. The disinfectant in our Sports and Premium Care Collections stops you getting foot infections. It kills bacteria and fungi while eliminating odours – it’s incredible stuff.

    Seriously, you can't afford not to buy one!

    Liquiproof Kitchen Collection           Model protecting bag with Liquiproof             Micro fibre cloth being used by model

    Come visit our shop or online store to get your hands on one today. 


    Admin Liquiproof
    Admin Liquiproof


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