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by Admin Liquiproof October 31, 2016

It’s official: the Liquiproof Unsigned Music Awards (UMAs) have been and gone and the verdict?

Darby Ward rehearsing on stage during the day before the UMAs

A truly outstanding success!

As official sponsors of the ultimate event to celebrate independent and unsigned artists we’re feeling pretty good right now.

We were blown away by the talent and creativity of the nominees, winners and performers on the night and it was our pleasure to host so many brilliant acts in our star studded green room (literally – just check out the ceiling!).

A band inside the Liquiproof green room

We recorded some great live sessions in our starlit green room - keep an eye out on our social channels for these in the next few weeks.

If you want to see the Liquiproof musical amazingness for yourself, then tune into Showcase TV at 9.30pm tonight on 31 October 2016 to see the entire show.

Our particular highlights from the night include:

  1. The 780 Liquiproof gift bags lining the auditorium circle seats…like little drops of Liquiproof goodness. Get your own Liquiproof now!
  2. Watching the winner of ‘Best International Music Video Award’ (the incredible Rothwell) revealed by Liquiproof (check it out below - and yes, that's Liquiproof working on stone!).
  3. The fabulous Capital and Heart FM DJ Kat Shoob interviewing the night’s winners in the ‘Liquilounge’. Stay tuned because we’ll be releasing these interviews in the coming weeks – you won’t want to miss them.

    Rothwell written in Liquiproof on stone

    Musicians playing Tipp kick with a Liquiproofed pitch

    The bands loved our Liquiproofed Tipp Kick game! We swapped the football out for a water drop!

    Liquiproof gift boxes being laid out

    Team Liquiproof laying out lots of lovely Liquiproof goodies - even our CEO Caner got involved!

    Liquiproof ice bar

    Did someone say Liquiproof on ice? #afterpartybants

    So goodbye for now and thanks UMAs - it's been emosh!

    Let us know what you thought of the show by commenting below.

    *Challenge: say that quickly 10 ten times!

    Admin Liquiproof
    Admin Liquiproof


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