The Liquiproof weather warning

January 13, 2017

Liquiproof weather forecast

Liquiproof weather forecast

New year. New you.Same old British weather… which normally means being left wishing you were wearing more layers, had an umbrella or lived in a different country entirely.  

But with bad weather comes risks of bitter temperatures, vicious moaning and several embarrassing moments; all of which can be prevented by tweaking your winter routines. And here is how Liquiproof can help you…

The Frost    

Are you bored of leaving your house 10 minutes early to scrape the ice off your car windscreen? Its cold out there and you still have the rest of your coffee to drink…

 Luckily for you, our Glass Protective Wipes create a natural barrier that reduces the amount of frost that settles. Want to see the miracle for yourself? Just watch the video below... 

The Snowfall  

Snow is magical, but it doesn’t take long before the gloves get soggy and your hands are frozen.

Your time in the snow is cut short and your snowman does have a face yet. But don’t worry, we have a solution to keeping your hands warm and soggy free.

Just by spraying your gloves with our Fabric Protector, will greatly reduce any moisture dampening the material and keep your hands as dry as when you left the house.


The Winter rain        

We often wish for a white winter, and instead we get a wet one. We tackle with umbrellas and watch as our favourite pair of shoes ruin in the rain. 

Need a new years resolution? We have one for you; make your shoes water repellent! By using our Fabric or Leather Protector will prevent any stains, water damage or discolouring from ruining the shoe and save you from having to buy a new pair!

The Road salt    

Road salt kills frost and ice, but though it’s safer for motorists, it is a foe for your shoes.

If your shoes, especially those with leather qualities, come in contact with road salt then the damage can be irreversible. The two main effects are;

  • Staining and stripping the material from its original colour and texture.
  • Intense dryness; resulting in cracks, splitting and bubble marks.

Just use our Leather Protector to make sure this never happens to your shoes.   


Is it a little too late for that? Don’t fret because we have designed a universal, non-toxic Premium Eco Cleaner, to help clean up stains caused from inclement damage.  If you're especially caring, send them into us for a care service.

Want to find out what other winter essentials are available? Take a look at our wider range of products for more ideas.

Stay dry this season,


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