Liquiproof Christmas hacks
Hack #1: Make decorating windows easier than ever

by Admin Liquiproof December 06, 2016

Hack Christmas this year with your favourite protector brand (that's us by the way).

Over the next few days, Liquiproof will be bringing you top tips and tricks to help make this festive season as hassle free as possible.

And to kick start our holiday offering, here’s hack number 1: use the Liquiproof Glass and Ceramic Protection Wipes to prep windows before applying Christmas decs!

Our protection wipes will stop fake snow, decorative stickers and anything else you might be throwing at your panes from leaving mess, sticky residue or scratches.

Hack #1: the how to bit:

  1. Pick up some wipes from our online store and get really happy when they arrive.
  2. Clean dust from glass first, ideally using a microfibre cloth.
  3. Use the pre treatment wipe included in your pack to clean the glass completely, and buff off residue with a microfibre cloth.
  4. Apply the protector wipe to the now clean glass. Leave to cure for up to 30 mins at 20°C, or longer at colder temperatures. Get more detailed application instructions if you want them.
  5. Crack on with your Christmas window dressing!

    More Christmas hacks coming soon...stay tuned.

    Merry Christmas #LiquiSquad!


    Admin Liquiproof
    Admin Liquiproof


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