Hold it! Liquiproof can help stop people peeing in the street…really!

by Admin Liquiproof November 07, 2016

We’re so excited by the latest ingenious way to use Liquiproof that we might just wet ourselves!

Well, not quite…

But if we really couldn’t hold it, let’s just say we’d better not risk a quick toilet stop in any streets in Brixton.   

Wondering what we’re on about?

This article in The Evening Standard should give you an idea.

Liquiproof technician applies stone protector to wall

Team Liquiproof (the industrial department!) hard at work

The Liquiproof team has been working closely with The Brixton Business Improvement District (BID), a not for profit collective of 650 local businesses, to trial a new splashback wall coating designed to deter street urination and keep the town clean.

The BID got in touch after hearing how large scale Liquiproof applications can really help businesses.

Despite being a fab place to shop and socialise, Brixton has long had a problem with street urination. Due to a lack of public toilets, local businesses and residents often have to deal with the unsightly and smelly repercussions of people peeing in the street.

If installing public bathrooms right away isn’t an option (as the Brixton BID have discovered, this often takes a lot of time, money and lobbying of local councils) how can you stop street urination? After all – when you gotta go, you gotta go right!?  

Liquiproof treatments for stone have the answer.

We cleaned (with our Premium Eco- Cleaner) and treated (with our Stone Protector) some super secret walls around Brixton (just try and find them…we dare you!).

Once applied to a wall – or any stone area –  liquid that hits the surface will simply bounce straight off. So any street pee-ers in Brixton will be in for a nasty shock – and might want to mind their shoes and leg wear!

Liquiproof Stone Protector provides long lasting protection for stone, contains anti mould, anti graffiti and anti staining properties, helps tackle odours and can help deter street urination.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with our industrial application team.

Admin Liquiproof
Admin Liquiproof


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