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Liquiproof Hard Surface Protection Wipes - Liquiproof - Home waterproofer waterproofing protection cleaner shoe sneakers - 1
Liquiproof Hard Surface Protection Wipes - Liquiproof - Home waterproofer waterproofing protection cleaner shoe sneakers - 2

Liquiproof Hard Surface Protection Wipes


The hard surface wipes protect a number of surfaces, including but not limited to; PVC doors and windows, vehicle dashboards, alloy wheels, carbon fibre - matt and gloss, plastic and metal furniture, bathrooms and much much more. Once coated, surfaces need cleaning less often, saves time and eliminating the use of harmful chemicals. It is recommended that the surface is cleaned using the Premium Eco Cleaner prior to the protection wipes. One box contains two wipes. One pre-treatment wipe to remove any surface contamination and the second to treat the required hard surface.



  • Contact angle above 150° to provide unrivalled superhydrophobic liquid repellent features that out perform traditional coatings; wax (90°), Teflon (95°) and RainX (110°).
  • Invisible and smear-free.
  • Reduction in cleaning times.
  • Reduction in harmful cleaning chemicals.
  • Increased stain and scratch prevention.
  • Increased hygiene and safety.
  • Non-stick, static, anti-mould and anti-corrosive
  • Long lasting - up to 18-24 months.

Effective uses


  • Shower fixtures - dramatically reduced water marks and promotes easier cleaning.
  • Tiles - smudge free and mould resistant.
  • Towel rail - resists smudge and moisture.


  • Appliances - simple to clean with just water and microfibre cloth.
  • Sinks and worktops - reduces dirt build up and grime.
  • Fridge shelves - frequency of cleaning moisture and mould halved.
  • Work surfaces - oil, water and food easily wipes off without any major scrubbing.


  • Tiles - less dirt and grease build up to remove.
  • Furniture - reduces fingerprints and marks.
  • Hard floors - high traffic areas protected and easier to clean.
  • Window sills - cleaner for longer inside and out.

Automotive & Motorsport

  • Exterior Paintwork - Unrivalled superhydrophobic 'just waxed' easy clean finish*
  • Alloys - reduction in brake dust 'burn'
  • Carbon fibre - Hydrophobic finish
  • Helmet - crystal clear view without the need to wipe after every use.
  • Bodywork - reduces the need to clean and repels rain.

*we recommend our exterior automotive coating for improved results (coming soon).


Step 1. Clean the surface with the Premium Eco Cleaner and Microfibre Cloth.

Step 2. Use the Pre-treatment Wipe to prepare the surface.

Step 3. Apply the Protective Wipe and allow to cure in a dry clean location for 12 hours (allow longer when applying in temperatures under 5°C).