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Liquiproof Care Service Online Order - Liquiproof

Liquiproof Care Service Online Order


Includes prepaid postage label and container for you to send your items to the Liquiproof Care Service Team.

How to order the Liquiproof Care Service online 

1) Choose a service from our price list.
2) Purchase your shipping voucher (link below). 
3) We will post you a returns label, box, packaging and price list.
4) Select your service on the price list, pack your items, apply the return label and drop off at your local Post Office and request proof of postage.
5) Once returned you'll receive an email with a link to pay for the agreed service(s). You will be advised if our trained technicians recommend a different service.
6) Once paid we'll service your item(s) in the turnaround time requested.
7) Your item(s) are returned back to you in a new and improved condition. 

    Please note: any discount codes you provide will be deducted from your shipping fee and your final invoice.


    *by choosing this service you allow Liquiproof Ltd and it's affiliated companies to create content from the items you send into our service department