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Liquiproof care service for sneakers

At Liquiproof we know how to look after sneakers

New balance sneakers being treated with Liquiproof

With our in house care service, we'll clean and protect your favourite sneakers (or trainers if you prefer) and footwear, making sure they stay as good as new for as long as possible.
We offer a range of services specifically for sneakers, all carried out by trained Liquiproof technicians at our flagship store The Pantiles Pop Up in Tunbridge Wells.
You can bring your sneakers directly into the store for a bit of TLC, or you can order a service online and post your shoes out to us.
Yeezy Liquiproof Professional Cleaning Service

What sneaker and footwear services do we offer?


Clean Classic

Standard materials* 10
Premium materials** 15

An excellent basic clean which addresses the upper part of the shoe and the fabric elements of the sneaker, including the trim, vamp and foxing. Also includes a standard undersole clean.

Deep Clean

Standard materials* 23
Premium materials** 28

An exceptionally thorough clean which addresses the entire shoe, and all fabric elements of the sneaker, including the trim, tongue, vamp, trim and foxing. Also includes a deep undersole clean.

*Standard materials: leather, nylon, rubber, etc.
**Premium materials: suede, nubuck, premium leather, cotton mesh etc.

LP Special 40

A premium footwear and sneaker care package which includes a deep fabric clean, a standard undersole clean, a lace clean, a deodorising treatment and a Liquiproof treatment.

LP Prime 65

A complete footwear and sneaker care package which includes a deep fabric clean, a deep undersole clean, a lace clean, a deodorising treatment, an insole and lining clean and a Liquiproof treatment.

If you would like to customise your sneaker or footwear care package, you can add the following services to any sneaker or footwear service order:

Standard undersole 5

Removes debris like grit, stones and dirt etc.

Deep undersole 10

Removes tougher debris like gum, mud, grass, adhesives etc.

Deodorising treatment 5

Antibacterial and fragrance spray application.

Insole and lining clean 7

Insole cleaner application, as well as lint/cotton removed from lining (to the best of our abilities).

Lace clean 5

Cleans all laces.

Lace swap 7

Black or white laces available.

Liquiproof treatment 8

An application of our incredible, market leading protection spray which will prevent water, oil and alcohol stains. This can be a standalone treatment if required.

Prices are shown in £GBP.
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